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Hurtigbåt utfører Lysefjordruten tirsdag 12. november

Hurtigbåt vil utføre Lysefjordruten tirsdag 12. november, dette skylder tekniske problemer for "Lysefjord" Vi forventer normal drift fra rutestart onsdag morgen.


Redusert kapasitet på avg. 0850 fra Jektavik tirsdag 12. November

Redusert kapasitet på avg. 0850 fra Jektevik til Hodnanes tirsdag 12. November, dette grunnet transport av farlig last ( maks 12 pax)

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Elisabeth Grieg new chair of the board of Norled

Publish Date: 10/23/2019

Elisabeth Grieg will take over as new chair of the board of the Norwegian ferry and express boat company Norled AS. Grieg represents extensive experience from the maritime industry and will strengthen the company's strategic leadership in a phase of strong growth and significant investments in new environmental technology.

First electric Nesodden boat in place in Oslo

Publish Date: 9/4/2019

After three months of intensive rebuilding, the MS "Kongen" is now back in the Oslo Fjord - loaded with a 26 ton heavy battery pack. Norway`s largest car-free passenger connection has this summer taken a big step towards becoming zero emission. It marks an important contribution to the goal of a zero emission Oslo Harbor.

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