Departs from: Bergen
Optional connection:
Duration: 0 hours
Season: 1.1 - 1.1
Price: NOK Se

Tour description: 

In Nordfjord, you can experience everything Norway has to offer in one go. Nordfjord offers one of Norway’s most compact and spectacular coast and fjord experiences. Nordfjord is an attractive destination for active and inquisitive tourists, who can experience the dramatic landscape at close range, sample its unique culture and meet authentic people and environments. Genuine and rich experiences await within a delimited geographical area. A journey through Nordfjord offers some of the best experiences in Norway. 

Foto: Alden - foto Ann Helen Kvammen 

For inspiration: fjordkysten.en

Time schedule Nordfjord 

Foto: Sara Marie Ytreøy /Fjordkysten

Lihesten - Foto: Ann Helen Kvamen

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