Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Refunding tickets
You cancel your tickets yourself online. Instructions can be found here:


Routes and timetables for ferries and express boats can be found here
Dangerous goods
Priority of vehicles carrying dangerous goods is generally based on queue position, but may in some cases be downgraded by the ferry captain if transport poses a considerable disadvantage to other passengers.

To ensure a practical/efficient transport, we urge all carriers of dangerous goods to contact Norled.

Please note that restrictions on the number of passengers and vehicles permitted onboard whilst transporting dangerous goods may cause the ferry to depart without having boarded to full capacity.

Arrival at terminal before departure
All passengers are urged to arrive at the terminal in reasonably good time before departure.
Discount cards
Click here for more info on Discount cards
Arrival at terminal before departure
All passengers are urged to arrive at the terminal in reasonably good time before departure.
How to pay

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Tourist travelling with a Motorhome or Caravan?

There are no special rates for Motorhomes (RV, Campervan, Mobilehome) nor Caravans (camping trailers).

A motorhome is charged using standard vehicle rates, e.g. a motorhome shorter than 6m will be charged the standard single-rate (B2).

Note, however, that the actual length is measured, i.e. including any protruding elements, such as a bike rack.

A camping trailer is charged using standard rates for vehicles with trailer. See Vehicle with trailer

Can I bring my dog on board?
Yes, you can take your dog on board our vessels, but not into the lounge.
The exception is the driver/assistance and service dog.

On our express boats, dogs can be taken along with travelers in the space provided.

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Priority on ferry
In accordance with government regulations, priority applies to:

  • Emergency vehicles responding to an emergency
  • Telecommunications and electrical service vehicles on assignment
  • Buses on accredited route
  • Marked vehicles in a funeral procession
  • Commercial horse transport vehicles and other live animal transport vehicles have priority by notifying the ferry 15 min at the latest ahead of departure
  • On duty doctors, midwives, nurses, priests, veterinarians and police have priority, when they are called out on a specific case that cannot be delayed.
  • Regional road authorities can give priority in special consideration cases

In the eventuality of more priority travelers than capacity on the ferry, the captain ultimately decides priority. Emergency transport (life saving) will always have priority.

Prohibited items
Foot passengers are not allowed to bring hazardous materials on board.
Examples include gasoline/diesel oil, paint/thinner, flammable gas containers and fireworks.

Some vessels may have limited storage capacity for hazardous materials intended for private use, contact the crew before boarding for information.

It is prohibited to charge electric bicycles, scooters and other small electric vehicles indoors.

Weapons and ammunition may only be transported in accordance with Norwegian regulations.

If in doubt, always contact the crew before boarding.