The Covid-19 (Corona) virus - information for passengers

The Covid-19 (Corona) virus - information for passengers

Norled is always aiming to give our passengers the best possible travel experience onboard any of our vessels. The Covid-19 (Corona) virus is now spreading in Norway. We would like our passengers to pay attention to the following advice in order to prevent further spread of the virus while onboard one of our vessels.

The efforts made by all and each of us will be crucial.

We would request all who travel with Norled to observe these five rules for a safe and healthy journey, in order to prevent both yourself and others from being infected by the virus:

  1. Quarantine

If you have been quarantined – stay at home! Spending the time at your cottage may be tempting, but you are jeopardising the health of others by leaving your home and using public transport. Be a hero – stay at home!


  1. Wash your hands

Regularly washing your hands in the tried and tested manner with normal soap and water is one of the best ways of prevention. Wash your hands in soapy water for 20 seconds – or as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”. Remember to wash your thumbs.


  1. Be a swanky cougher

If you need to cough – do so covering your mouth and nose with a tissue, or in your flexed elbow. Discard the tissue immediately before washing or disinfecting your hands.


  1. Keep your distance

Do your bit to make your community stay healthy by keeping your distance from other passengers. To reduce risk of infection during the process of ticketing onboard ferries, we strongly advice the passenger paying, to step out of the vehicle and to keep 1 meter distance from our personnel when purchasing the tickets. This way, and due to outside-noise, we avoid the need for our personnel to approach too closely the open car window to hear the passenger.


  1. Stay updated

Pay attention to the website of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (“Folkehelseinstituttet” or FHI), to stay updated on the latest developments regarding the situation.