New Managing Director takes up her position at Norled

New Managing Director takes up her position at Norled

Norled’s new Managing Director, Heidi Wolden, had her first day at the office on Monday the 4th of May – in the midst of an unclarified Corona situation.

- It was not how I imagined my first workdays would be, however, it’s reassuring to see that the company is managing to maintain the majority of its services, at the same time as safeguarding the health and safety of travelers and employees, Mrs. Wolden says.

Mrs. Wolden had planned to spend parts of her first weeks in visiting employees working on the ferries and boats operated by the company along the coast from Oslo to Troms, as part of getting to know the company. However, her visits have had to be postponed until the Corona situation has been clarified, and the community more opened up than it is today.

- The essential thing now is for Norled to continue delivering on the socially critical mission it has undertaken, which is to make sure that people, food, and supplies arrive safely and on time. Toward this aim our employees are doing an exceptional job in a turbulent time. At the same time, like all companies, Norled needs to evolve further, and this work will be intensified once operations have returned to a more normal state, she says.

Wolden comes to Norled from her position as CEO of contractor and property developer Kruse Smith. An important motivational factor in her job change was Norled’s leading position within the maritime industry’s green shift.

- We’re living in an era where sustainable and environmentally friendly transport is important to the entire globe, and where our customers expect transporters to be environment-conscious. Norled enjoys a strong position within this field, and I look forward to being a part in taking it forward, Mrs. Wolden states.


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