AutoPASS ferry-card payments at Norled

Norled is not using payment by AutoPASS electronic tags (OBU). OBU payments will be introduced for certain ferry crossings in 2020, but until then, please purchase your tickets as before:  Ask for a ticket  (includes the driver) according to your vehicle’s length, as well as tickets for all passengers.

Vegvesenet (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration) introduced the AutoPASS ferry-card from 01-JAN-2019, including a transition period; please ref to earlier announcements at and aboard our ferries since JAN-2019, as well as  Vegvesenet’s info at .

As of Monday 01-JUL-2019 value cards from the previous system «Nasjonalt Ferjekort» are no more valid on any car ferry in Norway.

As there has been a transition period of 6 months, many will already have spent the remaining value in their Norled value card, and ordered their AutoPASS Ferry-card from  (Please read below regarding refund of any remaining balance).

Vegvesenet’s «Riksregulativet for Ferjetakster» (chapt. 13) lists accepted means of payment as of 01-JUL-2019 on Norled ferries, i.e. ferry crossings not using OBU payment:

  1. Cash (in NOK)
  2. Bank-kort (Norwegian debit cards), as well as certain credit cards
  3. AutoPASS Ferry-card
  4. Lokale products «Ungdomskort» and «Norled periodekort» («månedskort med bilde»).

Refunds for discontinued Norled value cards:
If you wish to have the remaining balance refunded, the procedure is as before: please fill in the form at , then post the card following the instructions on that webpage.

General information regarding AutoPASS in Norled

  • Norled are not able to sell or re-fill the new AutoPASS cards . Please visit to learn how to order your card, and for information regarding how the AutoPASS system for ferries works. .
  • When using your AutoPASS ferry card, you’ll be buying your ticket aboard the ferry, and in the same way as earlier:  Ask for a ticket  (includes the driver) according to your vehicle’s length, as well as tickets for all passengers.
  • Ticket prices in Norled, whether paying using the new AutoPASS ferry card or using the older ferry cards, are all based on the same price rules; please ref to the NPRA’s «Riksregulativ for ferjetakster 2019», and the accompanying price table.
  • Norled does not administrate this new payment system, and we cannot answer on behalf of the Norwegian Public Roads Admnistration (NPRA).