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The Finnøy ferry and Ryfylke ferry are operated by Norled for Kolumbus. All information about timetables, fares and so on can be found at

If you have any questions regarding these ferries, please contact Kolumus customer service :


                          Kiosk- Food and beverages on board                                   

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Route Vessel Self-service Served
Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavik MF Hydra image2et9e.png  
Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavik MF Nesvik imagel73d.png  
Finnøysambandet MF Ombo image3oljpk.png  
Finnøysambandet MF Hidle imageygtr.png  
Ryfylkeruten MF Ryfylke imageygtr.png  


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