The Fjord Coast and Nordfjord

The Fjord Coast and Nordfjord serve up the full Norway package in concentrated form.

The Nordfjord district offers Norway’s most compact and spectacular coast and fjord experience. Nordfjord is a great destination for active, curious visitors. You can get up close and personal with the dramatic nature and distinctive culture, and encounter authentic people and settings. A wealth of genuine Norwegian experiences awaits you within just a small geographical area. Of all the wonderful things Norway has to offer, a journey through Nordfjord is a real stand-out.

A tour lets you combine beautiful mountains, spectacular nature and coast with a pleasant journey there and back on our comfortable express boats. We take care of transport to the starting point for the tour.


The tour described is a suggestion from Norled. You can book your boat ticket with Norled here. All other transport, activities and accommodation are booked separately. You can find useful links and suggestions at the bottom of the page.

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