Ferry card

Norled has been part of the «National Ferry Card» system, which is now replaced by Statens Vegvesen’s system «AutoPass for Ferry». Norled accepts the «AutoPASS Ferry Card» issued by that system.

Information on Norled's transition to "Autpass for ferries":

1) Infomation 02-JAN-2019

2) Information 15-MAR-2019

3) Information 28-JUN-2019 


Discount cards accepted on Norled ferries:

Norled’s 1-month period card  («Norled månedskort med bilde») can be ordered at https://dialog.norled.no/bestill_periodekort

Other types of ferry cards can no longer be sold or refilled by Norled, as this now is handled by Statens Vegvesen:

Please visit http://autopassferje.no  to learn how to order and refill your new AutoPASS ferry card.

NB: payment by AutoPASS electronic tag («OBU») is not accepted in Norled.


Youth card


Refund for discontinued Norled Value cards:

Ferry card